What Time Does Walmart Money Card Process Deposits?

What Time Does Walmart Money Card Process Deposits

If you have been asking, what time does Walmart Money Card process deposits? This article has your question answered with everything you need to know about the Walmart Money card for your online transactions, direct deposit limits, pending deposits problems and how to contact customer service.

Walmart’s MoneyCard is a powerful prepaid debit card that offers a safe and secured way to receive deposits and make it seamless do the following, as culled from Walmart Money Card:

  • Conveniently shop online or in-store everywhere Mastercard® or Visa® Debit is accepted in the U.S.
  • Earn instant cashback on eligible payments settled with your Walmart MoneyCard Cash Back Account.
  • Transfer and receive money from other Walmart MoneyCard cardholders or any other Green Dot Bank-issued card nationwide.
  • Enjoy fast payouts of up to 2 days before your official payday or government benefits for up to 4 days before the day your benefit is expected to be paid (This is subject to deposit verification and your payment provider’s process and timing).
  • Conveniently pay bills on your schedule.
  • Use it in your mobile wallets when you set up Walmart MoneyCard for Walmart Pay, Google Pay™ or Samsung Pay®.
  • Put away money in the Savings feature that comes with the MoneyCard app and be automatically entered to win cash prizes every month!
  • Share the love and order accounts for up to 4 approved family members with your activated, personalized card.
What Time Does Walmart Money Card Process Deposits

What bank does Walmart Money Card use?

Walmart Money Card is offered by Green Dot Bank. Holders of this prepaid or reloadable debit card enjoy the same value as customers with a demand deposit account with improved digital banking tools and features.

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These additional features are designed to equip Walmart customers with tools to save more, just like a traditional banking account, and manage their account at Walmart’s 4,500-plus locations or 90,000 retail and distributions of Green Dots. Just like I shared above, you will get cashback, overdraft protection, direct deposit, interest on savings and more

What bank is Green dot associated with?

Green Dot is an associate of Bonneville Bank and the United State Treasury, a force that’s geared towards helping Americans gain access to financial services with a prepaid debit card account.

What is the deposit limit on Walmart Money Card?

You can deposit between $20 to $1,500 at selected Walmart stores to your Walmart Money Card. It’s important to note that the total balance on your prepaid debit card can’t exceed $10,000 at a time. For transfers to another user, you can only send $500 per day and not more than $1,000 in any 30 days.

Can I overdraft Walmart Money Card at ATM?

Sure, you can enjoy up to $200 on your Walmart Money Card. This additional benefit lets you pay for transactions that are more than your available balances; ATM withdrawals, pending bills, or money transfers to other users of the payment card.

Your overdraft protection depends on where you have received a single direct deposit or multiples of $200 in the last 35 days. This also attracts an additional fee of $15 per overdraft.

Can you see pending deposits on Walmart Money Card?

Pending transactions on Walmart Money Card are money that’s yet to reflect in your account for some reason. You can log in to your Walmart Money Card accounts, and check your balance and transaction history to see if the deposits went through and are fully approved by Walmart.

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One easy way to see pending deposits from your phone is to add your working mobile number with Walmart MoneyCard via the Account settings.

Then you can text the following commands to 96411:
To get your balance, text “BAL Last4″ to 96411 (where Last4 is the last 4 digits of your card number). To check your transactions, text “HIST Last4″ to 96411 (where Last4 is the last 4 digits of your card number).

How long does it take Walmart Money Card to process deposits?

There are four ways to deposit money into your Walmart Money Card accounts:

  • Walmart Money Card app
  • Walmart Rapid Reload
  • MoneyPak
  • Cash or load checks at Walmart stores.

Whichever option you decide to use determines how long it takes to deposit cash into your prepaid card. But the simple truth is Walmart Money Card doesn’t have a single specific time to process direct deposits. It will always credit your account as it receives or confirms a payment from your employer.

The only time your deposit is processed faster is if your employer sends payment instructions before the actual payday.

But when you receive the direct deposit, an alert is sent to you immediately.

So, it’s smarter to keep your Walmart Money Card handy by downloading the mobile app for iOS and Android

You can also contact the Walmart Money Card customer care centre at (877) 937-4098 with your trace number if a deposit hasn’t been posted as expected or some days after payday.

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